The World Congress on venous system diseases rewards the team for Paolo Zamboni CCSVI


More than 2000 delegates from 57 countries represented at the World Congress on diseases of the venous system held in Boston have given to Dr. Sergio Gianesini, a young researcher in the group of Professor Paolo Zamboni, the Award of the best of the more than 500 scientific communications presented at the Congress.

Gianesini presented a preliminary study on the 'outcome of the first cases operated for compression syndrome of Omohyoid muscle on the internal jugular vein.

This is an innovative surgey procedure to resolve vascular disease performed  at the University of Ferrara,

The most interesting thing emerged in the debate in Boston is that when CCSVI is achieved due to compression of the masticatory muscles on the jugular vein dilation or balloon angioplasty has no chance to restore a normal flow of venous blood from brain to the hearth. therefore is important to know how to recognize this condition to avoid subjecting patients to unnecessary procedures endovascular angioplasty.

In this case, an intervention is practiced on the chewing muscles that block or compress the jugular.

The news has a great importance and great interest for people with MS and CCSVI.

Nicoletta Mantovani,  widow of Luciano Pavarotti, told of being subjected to this type in Ferrara intervention repairer.